Sunday, March 23, 2014

Connecticut Day

Our Google Map of Our Trip

I got 5 lifers and 8 year birds. I went to Connecticut and found a Wilson's Snipe and I spotted a Peregrine Falcon and it had a bird in it talons and it was an blackbird. The Greater White-fronted Goose and Killdeer. The next stop we were going to find a Northern Goshawk. Me and daddy went in the woods and they called and we were flying in the air. We also ate pizza. We also found some Green-winged Teal and some Mallards. We had a scope to find a Trumpeter Swan it was far away and my dad had to take a picture with his phone. We then went to see a Pink-footed Goose and Snow Geese were there. Then we went to a farm and there was a Ring-necked Pheasant. I was having fun and I was happy the whole time but I got tired.

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Lifers Since Last Post

Year Birds Updated
93Red-winged BlackbirdUxbridge Rice City PondUS-MA11 Mar 2014
94Great Blue HeronRiver Bend FarmUS-MA11 Mar 2014
95American WoodcockRiver Bend FarmUS-MA11 Mar 2014
96Common GrackleRiver Bend FarmUS-MA11 Mar 2014
97Red-breasted NuthatchWachussett Reservoir--spruce groveUS-MA16 Mar 2014
98Wood DuckNew Swedish Cemetery/Leesville Pond, WorcesterUS-MA16 Mar 2014
99Green-winged TealBlackstone River at WaterfallUS-MA18 Mar 2014
100Greater White-fronted GooseWhirlwind Hill RoadUS-CT23 Mar 2014
101KilldeerWhirlwind Hill RoadUS-CT23 Mar 2014
102Wilson's SnipeWhirlwind Hill RoadUS-CT23 Mar 2014
103Northern GoshawkBethany, Lake Bethany Recreation AreaUS-CT23 Mar 2014
104Trumpeter SwanKonolds PondUS-CT23 Mar 2014
105Pink-footed GooseMain St., HatfieldUS-MA23 Mar 2014
106Snow GooseMain St., HatfieldUS-MA23 Mar 2014
107Ring-necked PheasantNorthampton--East MeadowsUS-MA23 Mar 2014

Trumpeter Swan Range Map

Pink-footed Goose Range Map

Greater White-fronted Goose Range Map

Trumpeter Swan
 Pink-footed Goose
 Wilson's Snipe
 Peregrine Falcon w/prey
 Greater White-fronted Goose with Canada Geese
 Northern Goshawk
 Snow Geese including blue morphs
 Ring-necked Pheasant

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pretty Bird

                                                 Our Google Map Trip

me and my daddy went to see a Painted Bunting. At first we saw two cats fighting and then we went into the yard and had to waited. we had juncos, House Sparrows and the squirrel keep scaring all the bird away. then the bunting came and we first got on the feeder a house sparrow was blocking him from pictures. then a bunch of people came and a lady said we could come into her house and we did. and we also saw photos of the Painted Bunting as a juvenile. the lady has pictures of it from last year. next stop I spotted a Red-tailed hawk eating a bird. Also we went up to a different spot and saw a Snowy Owl. On our way home we went to see the Barnacle Goose it was just like the same thing as last time. he kept coming over and the Canada Geese were scaring him away and after we were gonna leave we saw a chicken so close to us and a cow wanted to leave in the car with us.

Sachuest Salt Marsh, Newport County, Rhode Island, US
Newport, Private Feeder, Newport County, Rhode Island, US
Maple Farm Sanctuary (Restricted Access), Worcester County, Massachusetts, US

Painted Bunting Range Map

Barnacle Goose Range Map

    Painted Bunting Lifer!

Barnacle Goose
 Snowy Owl