Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sparrow Search Trip!

Our Adventure

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Model Airplane Field, West Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, US
Egypt Lane Ponds (Fairhaven), Bristol County, Massachusetts, US
Hacker St. Marsh, Fairhaven, Bristol County, Massachusetts, US

My dad and I went out to try and find a Lark Sparrow. We didnt find it. There were some other birders there and they didnt see it either. So we took a cool picture of me! Then we went to see if we could find the Common Gallinule and some Nelson's Sparrows. I already have Nelson's sparrows when we were in Maine. It took so many minutes but then the Common Gallinule swam out in the open. it was a lifer for me. we then went to a different spot and walked into the marsh and we saw lots of Nelson's Sparrows! Then we went to lunch and went home. Tomorrow night we are going to do a Northern Saw-whet Owl banding trip!!!! Last year i did it and i got to touch one! it was so cool!!

Owen's cool photo!

Model airplane field

 Egypt Lane Ponds

 Hacker St Marsh

Common Gallinule

Saltmarsh Sparrow

Nelson's Sparrow

Owen after his lifer Common Gallinule

Year Birds
263Common GallinuleEgypt Lane Ponds (Fairhaven)US-MA19 Oct 2014

275Common GallinuleEgypt Lane Ponds (Fairhaven)US-MA19 Oct 2014

Rarity Trip!

Our Trip

my dad and i went to go see a Long-billed Dowitcher in Arlington out by Boston. We got to the spot and we found it and looked through the scope. there were also Wilson's Snipes and Lesser Yellowlegs and a Great Cormorant, and Northern Shovelers!!

After that spot we went to go see an American Golden Plover. I did already have them last month in Connecticut but we decided to get  them for Massachusetts as well. My dad told me he thinks the bird is hurt. we sat near it on a rock and it walked right up to us!!! It didn't try flying at all which is why he thought it was hurt. A kingfisher kept flying near it and yelling at it.

Arlington Reservoir, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, US
Middlesex Fells Reservation, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, US 

Owen studying up with Sibley's book

Long-billed Dowitcher

Owen after his lifer Long-billed Dowitcher

Owen taking a photo of the American Golden Plover

Owen's picture of the American Golden Plover

The location panoramic

Year bird
262Long-billed DowitcherArlington ReservoirUS-MA18 Oct 2014



Our Trips over the last month or so

    Bolton Flats WMA (click for Checklist)

   Westborough WMA (click for Checklist)

     Callahan State Park, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, US (click for Checklist)

Cumberland Farms (click for Checklist)

I did not bird that much over the last couple months because I play soccer and I have no time. But I did go to places that are near us. A hot air balloon CRASHED right in front of us at Bolton Flats. it was crazyyyyyyyyy. We also saw an American Pipit that was a lifer for me. Then it was so much time later that we saw Ruddy Ducks (year) and Lincoln's Sparrow (lifer) to my year! And we did try to find a Connecticut Warbler and we didn't but we found a Winnie the Pooh in a tree!!!!

Ruddy Ducks

Owen after his lifer American Pipit

Owen after his lifer Lincoln's Sparrow

No Connecticut Warbler, but Winnie!

Little Chauncey in Westborough WMA

Cumberland Farms

 Westborough WMA

Uxbridge Community Gardens

Year Birds
259American PipitBolton Flats WMAUS-MA20 Sep 2014
260Ruddy DuckWestborough WMAUS-MA13 Oct 2014
261Lincoln's SparrowWestborough WMAUS-MA13 Oct 2014

272American PipitBolton Flats WMAUS-MA20 Sep 2014
273Lincoln's SparrowWestborough WMAUS-MA13 Oct 2014