Sunday, November 16, 2014

Eared Grebe Trip!!

Me, grampy and grammy were coming from Maine but daddy didn't come and he told us to go try to see the Eared Grebe. When we got there there were a bunch of gulls on the boat ramp. we didn't see the Eared Grebe then a guy drove in with his blue car and he was a birder. he looked in his binoculars and found the Eared Grebe. Grammy looked through the scope and then we found it! Then we got ice cream on the way home!

Eared Grebe!

Owen after his lifer Eared Grebe

Year Bird
266Eared GrebeQuaboag PondUS-MA16 Nov 2014
277Eared GrebeQuaboag PondUS-MA16 Nov 2014

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