Thursday, November 27, 2014

King Eider Trip!

Our Adventure

me, daddy, liam and kim went to near Boston to get the King Eider. We went to the King Eider spot and we walked on the longer path and then we went to the end and it wasn't there. I got to run around and play with my little brother. we spent an hour and then we left and went to try and find a Lark Sparrow that was close by. There were loads of dogs and there were big hills. Then I spotted the Lark Sparrow!! I already saw a Lark Sparrow in Connecticut but it was good to get it in Massachusetts! Then we went to the King Eider spot again for one last try as the sun was going down! When we got back to the spot a woman said that the King Eider was back. We ran to the short path at the beach and daddy saw it in the scope and showed me! When we left it was only gonna be 1 hour to get home and it took us 3 hours! Then we went to Mcdonalds!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Stodders Neck, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, US

BHI--Webb Memorial SP, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, US

 King Eider

Owen after his lifer King Eider

  Kim, Owen and Liam

 Boston was just the beginning !

Year Bird
268King EiderBHI--Webb Memorial SPUS-MA25 Nov 2014

279King EiderBHI--Webb Memorial SPUS-MA25 Nov 2014

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  1. Owen - Congrats on your two new lifers! What a great trip!

    Nancy Collins