Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lark Sparrow Trip!

Our Trip

So it was me, daddy, grammy and auntie. we went to Connecticut to go to a marsh area. also there was a beach and water slides and there was a nature walk trail. we went all the way to the end but we didn't find the Lark Sparrow.Then we saw a guy that said the Lark Sparrow was on the path back the other way. So we went back and then daddy pointed out a lighter color bird. and had red on his head and a black spot on his belly so it was a Lark Sparrow! we had to go over a fence to get closer to the Lark sparrow. I took a picture of it! after our trip I went to cooties house for the night!

Owen's photo of the sparrow

Owen after his lifer Lark Sparrow

Year Birds
267Lark SparrowOcean Beach ParkUS-CT22 Nov 2014

278Lark SparrowOcean Beach ParkUS-CT22 Nov 2014

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